Joint Bach Party In Temecula

Wearing: FOR LOVE & LEMONS dress | RAYE slides | REBECCA MINKOFF bag

Mike and I are anything but a traditional couple. When faced with the necessary task of letting our wedding-involved loved ones plan our bachelor and bachelorette parties, we decided the norm wasn’t going to cut it. I mean, honestly, it’s 2017. We don’t need a “one last hoorah” to “say goodbye” to our freedom. We’ve been living like a married couple for the last few years as it is, so that whole idea seemed 1. senseless and 2. pretty sexist if you ask me.

The solution? A joint bachelor/bachelorette get together to celebrate the coming wedding. Since Mike isn’t going to my bridal shower, this seemed like the perfect excuse to get everyone together before the big day. My sister/maid of honor planned a day trip to Temecula, full of wine tasting, being driven around by our insanely entertaining party bus driver, and lots of laughs. The end result was a 0 regret, seriously fun day spent with those we love. To anyone else planning their bach celebrations that don’t want to do it the old fashioned way, I 100% recommend a setup like this.

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