Moroccan-Inspired Sitting Room

Having a lounge area to sit, read, drink your morning coffee, and meditate is the goal – especially in a space with an overtly cozy feeling. That’s why one of my interior dreams is to incorporate a Moroccan-inspired sitting room into my space. And this isn’t a difficult task. All you need are a few heavy textiles: patterned rugs, textured throws, tufted floor cushions. Add accent pieces like embroidered or leather ottomans, a few Moroccan-style lanterns, a low and sturdy coffee-like table, and plenty of plants, and you’re good to go.  The options are endless from there. Create the space indoors or out. Go dark and brooding with a red-toned color scheme or keep it airy and open with blue and bright whites. If going all out isn’t your style, incorporating a few key pieces like a rug or ottoman can turn your would-be-normal living room into the comfort space you were searching for. Scroll through the inspiration below for plenty of ideas to channel that sought-after Marrakesh vibe into your space!

Shop these key pieces to get started:

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