Orogold Eye Collection Review



Let’s be real – being a woman in 2016 is exhausting. Expectation after expectation and never ending work seems to be the new norm. While my workaholic heart loves this cycle, my beauty routine takes a toll. Every so often, dark and swollen circles show those sleepless nights the next morning. On top of that, the dry winter weather always makes for fine lines that show around my eyes. While I usually use concealer and regular moisturizer to solve these problems, I needed something more to combat those tired eyes.

Enter the Orogold 24K Exclusive Eye Collection. The 24K gold-infused line includes the 24K Intensive Eye Serum, the 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution, and the 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. Each one helps my under eyes in different ways to keep them fresh and awake: the solution brightens with a reflective formulation, the serum firms the skin and fights lines, and the cream moisturizes and reduces puffiness. I’ve been using them every morning starting with the solution, then the serum, and lastly the cream. I leave some time between the steps so each can soak in.

I’m so excited that I found a better solution for my dark eye circles and to fight this dry winter. I’ve been using less and less concealer to cover up my occasional lack of sleep, so I can’t wait to see the continued results.

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