Why I Use Faux Plants & How to Pick Them

Fun fact: I do not have a green thumb. Blame it on a lack of natural light in my apartment (even though I kill outside plants, too) or my lack of knowledge for how much to water and when to water (does anyone really know?), but it’s a known issue. Whenever Mike brings home a new plant, the running joke is how long it will take for me to kill it. It’s just something I’ve learned to accept.

But I love plants. I live for hints of green throughout my apartment. Having plants gives any space that outside feel with walls and a roof. So, what does someone with a black thumb that loves plants do? Goes faux. Mike and I spent over an hour at the craft store picking the perfect fake plants for every vase and pot we own. The selection is endless, ranging from fully potted look-a-likes to single succulents. After winding through every aisle and comparing dozens of options, we settled on a whole basketĀ full of bounty. The end result was amazing and colorful and permanent (my favorite part).

Here’s a couple things to keep in mind if you’re planning a faux plant makeover:

Spend a little more for high-quality materials like silk or dewy rubber. They look so real you can place them next to the real thing.

Find options that don’t have strange joints. These will usually look like plastic bits poking out from the plant and will be a surefire tell that it’s fake.

If you’re unsure of how real your favorite pick looks, set it on a shelf in the store and take a step back. Staying up close can make you lose focus, so back away to ensure it looks good from every angle.

Also to add to the shopping list: styrofoam rounds for any opaque pots, and small rocks for translucent pots. These will keep the plants in place and allow you to bend the wired leaves in a stylized way.

For clear vases, add a bit of water. Committing to the illusion will ensure that no guests will notice. And, no, this won’t ruin the plant.

The moral of the story? It’s ok if you can’t grow plants. Taking some time to find high-quality faux plants is an option for everyone. They’re extremely low maintenance, only requiring a light dusting when you clean, and last forever. Maybe, one day, I’ll be in a space where I’ll grow my green thumb. But for now, these babies will have to do.

Here’s a few good ones I found online,
but I always recommend seeing them in person first.

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